Touchdown Celebrations

The Power of a Train in the Palm of Your Hand

Punctuate the night air with the power of this train horn perfect for every touchdown and big play of the game. Handheld & plenty loud enough for most stadiums... and the user is required to wear ear protection! Make some noise and celebrate with the DEAF LEOPARD Train Horn!
Train horn

Go Nuts and Create Your own Train Horn

You want BIGGER and more BODACIOUS? This air compression driven train horn kit is 12 volt, 150 PSI, and has 4 barrels. It's "I broke my decibel meter at 136.4dB" LOUD! The kit runs $849 and can be built on a wagon like the photo you see above the paragraph.

Attention-Getting Horn

For the Train Horn kit, a simple knowledge of wiring is needed, directions and wiring diagram are included, but this is awesome!  
It's so awesome, my local high school bought 2 from us - one for each end zone! We can also build the entire unit on a wagon and ship it to you.
Call us today for a price quote!

Deaf Leopard

  • 4 barrel
  • C02 powered
  • Up to 130 dB
  • Hand held
  • $549 (plus shipping)

Train Horn

  • 12 volt (you'll need a battery or power supply)
  • 150 PSI
  • 4 barrel
  • Compression driven
  • $848 (shipping included)
****Please use some sort of hearing protection while using these products! DeadBall Entertainment cannot be held responsible for any hearing loss that might be the result of operating these train horns incorrectly. Please play safe!
FREE estimates available! Call us today.
"I hit the nail on the head when I found DeadBall Entertainment! Your company contacted me immediately after my first initial contact and your service has been great throughout."

- Donnie Coker, Florida Panhandle Pop Warner
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