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Confetti Ex

Confetti cannons for sale and rent. If you are planning an event in the Orlando area, please contact DeadBall Entertainment about a confetti cannon rental.  
We can handle set up, delivery, and instruction, or we can provide a "full service" package where we will provide an operator. We will do everything associated with the setup and use of the confetti cannon - except cleanup the confetti!
If you would like to purchase one of our confetti cannons, we can manufacture an efficient but effective product to suit your needs. We offer different sizes of confetti cannons - from the small that can fill up an auditorium or banquet hall to our larger cannons that can fill up an arena.
DeadBall Entertainment also has a line of handheld streamer guns that can produce a big blast of streamers while making it simple and cost efficient to produce. Our streamer cannons are great for "end of game" celebrations!
FREE estimates available! Call us today.
Don't just have a game, make it an event!
Call DeadBall Entertainment.
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