CO2 Effects

CO2 Effects for Run-Throughs

Carbon Dioxide, CO2, is a tasteless, colorless, odorless, nonflammable, and liquefied gas. Carbon dioxide is an integral part of the basic life cycle in nature. CO2 is exhaled by humans and animals, then used by plants to help them grow. Plants, in turn, release oxygen, which we depend on for survival.

How do These CO2 Jets Work?

The nozzle sprays the liquid up into the air causing the surrounding humidity to condense into fog. We use this fog to create awesome CO2 effects for your team introduction as you run through our inflatable tunnels.
CO2 Jet

Great Special effects

Aside from sports inflatables, DeadBall Entertainment builds their own CO2 effects for use with inflatable tunnels for football run through tunnel excitement!
We can create any effect you might see when your favorite NFL Team enters the field - usually at a fraction of the cost.

Safe Fog Effects

Single solenoid operated CO2 jets, double jets, and our manual high volume CO2 jets are just the start of our creativity.
Every effect is tested to ensure the safety, quality, and effectiveness of the “look.” Let DeadBall Entertainment create and build a specialized CO2 fog effect for you!

High Volume CO2 Jets

Our High Volume CO2 Jets are sold for $225 each or a pair for $400 plus shipping. This video uses 2 Jets with one of our inflatable tunnels.
They are extremely safe and easy to use. You must provide a CO2 tank with "dip tube" or "siphon tube" for the effect to work. CO2 tanks can be rented at an economical price from your local air-gas supplier
Each High Volume CO2 Jet comes with a 4' hose and everything needed to connect to the CO2 tank. Additional lengths of hose are available at additional costs.

Excellent Solenoid Operated CO2 Jets

Our Solenoid operated CO2 Jets are controlled via a simple on/off switch from a power source. These jets are capable of shooting CO2 up to 25 feet in the air, depending on the amount of humidity in the atmosphere and wind speed.  
This is an awesome effect with our inflatable tunnels or placed on the sideline behind the home team bench for touchdown celebration...why look for the officials' arms to go up when you can use these CO2 jets to indicate a touchdown to the fans at the game!
Our Solenoid operated CO2 Jets come with a 10' hose (longer lengths available upon request) and everything you need to hook them up to a CO2 tank with a siphon tube that you can rent from any air-gas supplier.

CO2 Fog Football Effects Options

DeadBall Entertainment gives you options when it comes to the type of CO2 fog effect you use to bring your team on the field right before the big game. We offer our original, high volume CO2 Jet manually operated from the tank version and our upgraded, higher velocity CO2 jet that is triggered straight from the jet handle. Choose the effect that best fits your budget and your intended use during your games.

Trigger Operated CO2 Jet

$725 for 2 Jets plus shipping
FREE estimates available! Call us today.
"Overall, our experience with DeadBall has been great! Give your kids an advantage...use DeadBall Entertainment!"

- Chad Ansbaugh, Athletic Director - St. Cloud High School
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